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It's all about the local people who help make real estate moves possible.

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Selling a House in Maine
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Lisa at Old Farmhouse Southwest Harbor Maine
Buy a new home around here?

Or an investment property?











Florida Beachfront Home

Find a new home or seasonal property somewhere else?


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How to Find the Best Agent for You


   You can get recommendations for doctors, for attorneys and for the best coffee in town. You can get a pretty good idea about who might be the best electrician or landscaper through Angies List or simply by asking around. You can get a carfax before you buy that car. But, frankly, it's really pretty tough to figure out who to hire as your real estate agent, especially if you're from out-of-town. To paraphrase the Pareto principle : "80% of the business is done by 20% of the agents." You do want a good agent, right?


   Here at Margo Stanley Real Estate, we have an extensive network of trusted agents and brokers throughout the region, the state, and the country. It doesn't really matter that we're all the way up here on the coast of Maine; more than half of our transaction involve people "from away." As a result, we have have access to quite a group of affiliated agents and brokers throughout the country. Even if we don't have personal knowledge of who might be the agent for you, we have the tools and resources to research your intended new real estate market and find you the best agent. You certainly don't want to end up with a dud.


   The best part is that, after we find you a great agent, we've got your back. As you work with your chosen broker, you'll have questions, and concerns, and probably some anxiety tucked in there too. Rest easy: we know how to ask the pointed questions you might not want to ask your new agent. We can demand updates on the progress of your quest on your behalf. We can even come right out and say that your agent isn't meeting your needs, and to get her act together before you fire her and choose another who'll help you more.


   On this side of the coin is the fact that you may be looking for a great agent in our general area. This is a very large area! As you've seen on other pages of this site, we're pretty specialized in the area we serve. It makes no sense to try to drive you 90 miles away into a market we're not all that familiar with and then try to help you buy property. Such practice rarely works (although, in a tough real estate market, there are plenty of agents who chase such customers -- and put a whole lot of miles on their cars doing so!). But, after all these years in this business, we have a pretty good idea who might be the best agent for you if we can't help you directly. Please don't hesitate to ask for help in matters like these.


   Finally, we are committed to delivering excellent customer service to you, and hope that you're pleased with how we helped you with your real estate. We seek  your input throughout our relationship, and listen carefully to how well we're meeting your needs.We would consider it an honor and a privilege to have you recommend us to your sphere of influence -- family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances! Please have them contact us via email: info@margostanleyrealestate.com.


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The Team at Margo H. Stanley Real Estate